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The MMRIA data system is designed to support and standardize reviews.

On an approximately annual basis, the Enhancing Reviews and Surveillance to Eliminate Maternal Mortality (ERASE MM) team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) hosts a meeting for users of the Maternal Mortality Review Information Application (MMRIA). The MMRIA User Meeting (affectionately called MUM) provides essential training on critical elements of maternal mortality review and supports fellow MMRIA users in sharing best practices and lessons learned and utilizing MMRIA for innovative approaches to analyzing and reporting on maternal mortality.

On this page, you will find select recordings and slide presentations from the Fifth MMRIA User Meeting (MUM V) took place virtually April 21-22, 2021.

To learn more, contact mmr@amchp.org and mmriasupport@cdc.gov

ERASE MM team group shot

Welcome and Plenary: A Structural Racism Analysis and Equity-Centered Future for MMRCs

Welcome Address and Plenary: Strategic Storytelling

Plenary: Using Community Level Data to Improve Understanding and Prevention of Maternal Mortality

Community Based Grant Programs Implementing Actions Informed by MMRC Data

Conducting Informant Interviews with the Georgia and Mississippi MMRC Teams

Considerations for Tribal Maternal Mortality Review with National Indian Health Board

MMRC Criteria for Determining the Pregnancy Relatedness Suicide and Unintentional Overdose

MMRIA System Update with CDC

Small Number Reporting with the CDC Maternal Mortality Prevention Team’s Epi Section

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MUM V Visuals