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In 2021, the Arizona Maternal Mortality Review Committee established its first set of bylaws. The bylaws were last updated in March 2023.

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California Pregnancy-Associated Mortality Review

California Health and Safety codes (§§100325, 100330 and 100335) which give California Department of Public Heath the broad authority to investigate…

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California Department of Public Health


CA-PAMR Committee members and staff must adhere to policies related to 1) the protection of confidential information and Committee deliberations, 2)…

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Fact sheet prepared for NM Legislative Session 2019; MMRC bill introduced in that session (passed successfully and signed into law)

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Illinois Department of Public Health


Administrative code that provides authority for IDPH to collect and review information on maternal deaths. These rules define maternal death and the…

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Iowa Department of Public Health


Our work is authorized by Iowa Code Section 135.40 to 135.42 and 147.135.

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Legislation Establishing the Georgia Maternal Mortality Review Committee

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Massachusetts Department of Public Health


There is a long history of reviewing maternal deaths in Massachusetts which began as a systematic effort in 1941 when the Committee on Maternal…

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Minnesota Department of Health


MN Statute that describes Maternal Death Studies, authorizes the collection of data and review of cases. Rule that requires reporting of maternal…