Creating Meaningful Visualizations: A Virtual Learning Series for MMRIA Users

In partnership with the CDC and the Council of State and Territorial Epidemiologists (CSTE), Excella developed a virtual learning series on Creating Meaningful Data Visualizations for MMRIA users.

The curriculum is designed to provide a self-paced learning experience teaching fundamental principles of data visualization design through the lens of a MMRIA data analyst or user. The course guides viewers through a hands-on learning experience centered on how to develop static charts, graphs, and illustrations with sample MMRIA data and use cases for illustrative audiences.

  • Modules 1-6 are anchored by an instructional video teaching core concepts of data visualization design using sample MMRIA data.
  • Modules 2-4 also include hands-on practice examples using Excel, PowerPoint, and a web-based data visualization tool, Sankeymatic. These hands-on components allow viewers to practice putting the principles into action using a familiar data set.

If viewers are interested in the accompanying workbooks and resources for additional data visualization activities, please email to request access. 

Module 1 - Fundamentals of Data Visualization

Module 2 - Chart Selection and Formatting

Module 2.1 Demonstration: Basic Bar Charts

Module 3 - Visualizing Quantitative Data

Module 3.1 Demonstration: Paneled Bar Chart

Module 3.2 Demonstration: Dumbbell Dot Plot

Module 4 - Frameworks

Module 4.3 Demonstration: Developing a Sankey Plot

Module 4.1 Demonstration: Icon Matrix

Module 4.2 Demonstration: Frameworks - Journey Map

Module 5 - Addressing Common Challenges

Module 6 - Resources, Tools & Further Learning